Build a WordPress website via Skype

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Learn WordPress from the comfort of your own home or office

One of our most popular training services is WordPress lessons via Skype.   We provide this service for English-speaking customers around the world and we’ve worked with some really interesting people.  Our trainers are all professional trainers who have used WordPress themselves for over 10 years.   We all have English as our first language and are based in the UK.

Many of our customers are running small businesses and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a website.  Instead they decide to build their own WordPress website.  There are plenty of online tutorials and courses but these tend to be quite general and invariably our customers have specific requirements and need specific assistance.  This is where we can help!

This training is also ideal for anyone who wants to build a WordPress website but doesn’t know where to start.  We can help you to get set up within one session!  We also train employees who have been asked to manage their company’s website.  Often they cannot spare the time to attend full day WordPress training so one hour sessions are ideal. They can book a session at a convenient time and reduce the downtime from their normal work.

Each training session is usually 1hr and the first session includes a FREE 15mins session just beforehand to introduce ourselves and to make sure your equipment is set up correctly.

We tailor the training specifically to your needs and we are flexible about training times as many of our customers are overseas.

The cost is £40 per 1 hr session payable in advance via Paypal.    To find out more please email us at [email protected]






Build a WordPress website via Skype