Search Engine Optimisation (Local & National)

Do you want your website to appear at the top of Google’s search results?

SEO CardiffWe have been helping businesses in Wales to achieve high rankings in search engine results since 2000.  Over the years we have helped hundreds of businesses in Wales from small start ups to larger businesses to reach the coveted top of Google’s search results.

Over the years search engine optimisation (SEO) has become more complex as Google seeks to perfect their system and produce search results which are most appropriate to the searcher.  We work closely with businesses to work out what needs to be done to ensure your reach your goal.  Quite simply,  you tell us what you want to come up for and we will work out a plan of action and undertake the work.

Our SEO Approach

We pride ourselves on offering an honest ‘no jargon’ approach to all of our work and SEO is no exception.  No reputable SEO company is able to guarantee a certain position in Google simply because Google update their criteria constantly and no one really knows for sure what updates they have planned.  But having worked in SEO for 16 years we know what is important to Google and it is possible to achieve high rankings with diligent effort and some patience.

There are two basic approaches to SEO, namely White Hat and Black Hat.   White Hat refers to using approved techniques to improve your position in Google. In other words the methods used follow Google’s guidelines and policies.  This is our approach.  In contrast Black Hat refers to using unapproved SEO methods which violate Google’s rules.   We never use Black Hat methods but there are plenty of SEO specialists who do use these methods.  They hope to gain some short term results despite the real danger of being removed from Google’s search results if discovered.

Next Steps

We are happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation.  If you are located in South Wales we can often meet you in person to discuss your SEO needs. Once we understand your requirements and we’ve analysed your website and your competitors, we will suggest the most cost-effective best way forward.

Please email us at to arrange a free consultation.